Park Adventure “Il Tasso Scatenato”

After wearing a helmet, lanyard with snap-hooks and a pulley and harness, you must show up in the area adjacent to the practice course to follow a short preparation lesson,

held by the Park instructor.

The “practical” route is the first to be tackled, mandatory for everyone, to put into practice all the theoretical information received from the instructor

and to be ready to “walk on the trees” alone. There are three practice routes at Tasso Unleashed: two reserved for adults and one for children.

There are 4 adventure trails for children and are reserved for children who reach at least 1 meter in height. Parents can always follow the children staying under the paths.

The Adventure Routes for children and adults are 5 and are reserved for adults and children who reach at least 1.40 m in height.

The Bandita Route is the one destined for the bravest: it develops at a maximum height of 15 meters in a pulley descent that covers a distance of more than 100 meters.

from one side to the other of the park.

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