Elba Island

Elba is the third largest Italian island and the largest in the Tuscan Archipelago.

The island, situated at 10 kilometres from the mainland,

can be accessed by ferry or hydrofoil in one hour of navigation.

The island has a population of 35.000 divided into eight different towns, 12.000 alone residing at Portoferraio.

Besides the fact that her perimeter measures only 147 kilometres,

Elba is capable of offering a mild climate and a multitude of different landscapes and scenery:

romantic fishing villages, small towns on rocky hill-tops, ancient castles, green valleys and enchanting bays combined with sandy beaches.

Despite their reduced dimensions, the islands are each endowed

with a vast variety of landscapes and scenery and despite their close proximity are each quite unique.

Elba for example, boasts a divided and complex land structure whereas the neighbouring Pianosa is entirely flat and the island of Montecristo is simular to a cone in formation.

Along the sea shapen coastlines caves and inlets alternate with small beaches protected by wild promontories and colorful covers rock faces quashing reminders of the presence of man.

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